Back in September last year, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon announced that it would build a second headquarters in Canada, the United States or Mexico and provide 50,000 jobs worth $ 100,000 a year. Immediately, more than 200 cities bid for the tender.
On January 18, Amazon released a list of 20 cities that will enter the next screen of Amazon for HQ2 candidates in the second headquarters in North America. Toronto is the only short-listed Canadian city.
According to Garton, e-commerce giant Amazon received 238 applications in total and is now slipping to 20. Amazon said that proposals for the 20 cities will be further reviewed later, and information will be obtained from each candidate city to assess the feasibility of future cooperation.
Amazon 20 candidate list is as follows:
Toronto, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Montgomery County, Nashville, Newark, New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Washington.

本月18号,亚马逊发布了20个城市的名单,这些城市将进入亚马逊在北美第2个总部 HQ2 候选城市的下一步筛选,多伦多是唯一一个入围短名单的加拿大城市。

加通社报道说,电子商务巨头亚马逊总共收到了 238个申请,现在筛减到 20个。亚马逊表示,晚些时候将对这 20个城市的提案进行进一步审核,并从每个候选城市获得信息,评估未来合作的可行性。