The Second Cup是加拿大的一个咖啡连锁零售商,这个公司正在计划与大麻公司联手开发全国性的休闲大麻销售网,先从加拿大西部地区开始,然后逐渐东移,扩展到其他省份。
近期The Second Cup正式宣布,正在和大麻公司 National Access Cannabis Corp. (NAC)结为合作伙伴。
The Second Cup 和 NAC 发布的共同声明说,他们准备利用 The Second Cup 在加拿大各地的门店,就是说,一些咖啡馆以后将会也卖大麻。
消息出来后,这两家公司的股价立即上涨,The Second Cu p的股价上涨了约 30%,而 NAC 的股价则上涨了约 10%。
市场研究公司NPD集团负责食品服务领域的执行主任罗伯特·卡特表示,他认为类似 The Second Cup 和 NAC 这样的合作关系具有潜力。

Cannabis Cafe Comes: Canada’s Coffee Chainer Associates With Marijuana Company

The Second Cup is a Canadian coffee chain retailer, and the company is planning to work with the Cannabis company to develop a nationwide recreational cannabis sales network, starting with the western Canadian region and gradually moving eastwards to other provinces.

The Second Cup recently announced that it is partnering with National Access Cannabis Corp. (NAC).

The joint statement issued by The Second Cup and NAC stated that they are preparing to use The Second Cup’s stores across Canada, that is, some cafes will also sell marijuana in the future.

The price of the two companies rose

After the news came out, the stock price of the two companies immediately rose, the Second Cu p’s stock price rose about 30%, and NAC’s stock price rose about 10%.

This summer, the federal government of Canada will announce the legalization of recreational marijuana, but the specific operational issues related to the sale of cannabis are the responsibility of the provincial governments themselves.

Many provinces, particularly Ontario, have opted for more government control, but some provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba, are prepared to allow some private retailers to sell marijuana. Help them to obtain medical cannabis use rights and prescriptions.

Cannabis cafe

Robert Carter, executive director of food services at NPD Group, a market research company, said that he believes there is potential for such partnerships as The Second Cup and NAC.
He told CBC that the idea of a cannabis cafe could become an emerging business model.