在公司举行的年度会议上披露业绩后,公司首席执行官乔尔·西尔弗Joel Silver,立即宣布辞职,他之前在管理层面前试图阻止持不同政见者的反抗。

股东投票赞成由公司联合创始人兼第一大股东Herschel Segal提名的人约54%。

Segal成为执行主席,并将由公司董事William Cleman,Viau Foods总裁Pat De Marco,退休教授Ludwig Max Fisher,MEC前首席执行官Peter Robinson和Tim Hortons加拿大前总裁Roland Walton加入。

赢得连任的还有Le Chateau总裁Emilia Di Raddo。

Joel Silver的离职让董事会职出现空缺,因为他也当选了。


他的控股公司Rainy Day Investments Ltd.拥有约46%的流通股。然而,三家共同控制36.5%股份的投资公司联合反对他的计划。


DavidsTea chief executive has resigned after the company’s shareholders voted to turf most of the existing board by electing seven nominees presented by the company’s co-founder.

Chief executive Joel Silver, who was management’s face on an attempt to prevent a dissident revolt, resigned effective immediately, the company announced soon after the results were disclosed at the company’s annual meeting on Thursday.

Shareholders voted about 54 per cent in favour of the people nominated by Herschel Segal, the company’s co-founder and largest shareholder.

Segal becomes executive chairman and will be joined by corporate director William Cleman, Viau Foods president Pat De Marco, retired professor Ludwig Max Fisher, former MEC chief executive Peter Robinson and Roland Walton, former president of Tim Hortons Canada.

Also winning re-election is Le Chateau president Emilia Di Raddo.

Silver’s departure leaves a board position open, since he was also elected.

Segal has blamed the outgoing board — of which he was a member until March — for taking too long to turn to online commerce and failing in its expansion to the United States.

His holding company Rainy Day Investments Ltd. owns about 46 per cent of the outstanding shares.

However, three investment companies that together control 36.5 per cent of the shares, opposed his plan.

The company has complained that Segal was trying to acquire the company without paying a premium.