3月9日,BC省高等法院做出判决,驳回两名一夫多妻案被告对加拿大禁止多配偶法律的宪法质疑。61岁的温斯顿.布莱克莫尔(Winston Blackmore)和53岁的奥勒(James Oler)去年7月24日被法庭定罪,布莱克莫尔娶过25个妻子,有145个孩子,奥勒娶过5个妻子。他们二人从未否认多妻,但坚称这属于受宪法保护的宗教自由,因此提起上诉,目前上诉被驳回。理论上布莱克莫尔和奥勒还可以到联邦最高法院继续提出上诉。





从2016年7月1日起,加拿大上调 “牛奶金”。按照新规定,6 岁以下儿童每人每年“牛奶金”最高额为 6400 加元,6-17 岁每人每年最高额 5400 加元。这样算下来,12个新生儿没有可领6400加元,布莱克莫尔每月领牛奶金总额将超过$5万。

2014年,Blackmore与James Oler被控“一夫多妻罪”,这个时候Blackmore已经娶了25个妻子,James也又娶了两个。




The Canadian Master has married 25 wives and received $50,000 monthly Canada Child Tax Benefit(CCTB)

On March 9, the High Court of BC issued a judgment rejecting the constitutional challenge of the two polygamy defendants against Canada’s ban on polygamy laws. Winston Blackmore (61) and James Oler (53) were convicted by the court on July 24 last year. Blackmore had 25 wives and 145 children. After 5 wives. The two of them never denied polygamy but insisted that it was a constitutionally protected religious freedom and therefore filed an appeal. At present, the appeal was rejected. In theory, Blackmore and Ole could also go to the Federal Supreme Court to continue to appeal.

Article 293 of the Canadian Penal Code expressly prohibits the possession of multiple spouses, and offenders may be sentenced to five years in prison. However, in modern Canadian judicial history, there has been no precedent for the conviction of multiple spouses.

145 children, receive $50,000 monthly child benefits

The Canadian law prohibiting polygamy was established 127 years ago, and polygamy has been in Bondifore for more than half a century. For this peculiar village, the practice of the police and all levels of government over the years has been “not to be reported by the people, not to be investigated by officials”, and the child’s welfare and health benefits have been borne out. Local hospitals have long been accustomed to the same man to accompany different mothers and sign as fathers on birth certificates.

In 2015, according to media calculations, Blackmore received at least $43,160 in child benefits each month. But this is based on his calculations of 133 children at the time. In the past two years, he has had 12 more. The money should also increase.

From July 1, 2016, Canada raised the Child Benefit. According to the new regulations, the maximum amount of benefits per year for children under 6 years of age is 6,400 Canadian dollars, and the maximum amount for each person aged 6-17 years is 5,400 Canadian dollars. In this way, 12 newborn babies will not receive 6,400 Canadian dollars, and Blackmore’s monthly pension will exceed $50,000.

In 2014, Blackmore and James Oler were charged with “polygamy,” when Blackmore had already married 25 wives and James had married two more.

On July 24, 2017, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, eventually convicted Blackmore and Oler for “polygamy,” and they face five years of imprisonment.

Of these, Blackmore’s ex-wife: Jane is a key figure in the testimony of Blackmore. She testified in court that Blackmore had told her that his wife was “obeying God’s instructions.”

Jane himself was suddenly told to marry Blackmore at the age of 18 and was forced to hold a wedding the next day. She chose to leave the village in 2003 because of a very large family.

After Blackmore’s arrest, he once stated his attitude in a court session, claiming that what they did was bringing new changes to society. Earlier, Blackmore’s lawyer also stated that if his client is found guilty, he will challenge the party to challenge the law against polygamy.