Athar Afzal在今年早些时候终于放弃了黑莓手机。他曾是加拿大标志性手机品牌的忠实粉丝。但他已经准备好做出改变。

Afzal的黑莓缺乏操作系统更新让他感到沮丧,因为他的设备变得越来越慢。 虽然他意识到黑莓的卖点就是手机的数据安全,但他认为黑莓的系统慢的不可思议。

“每次重启黑莓手机,它需要(高达)五分钟的时间,因为手机会再次通过所有的安全设置。从长远角度来看,它会是一件非常困扰的事情。” Afzal说。


去年,中国公司TCL发布了经过深思熟虑的Key1,该公司拥有黑莓键盘商标,并将于下个月推出Key2。 宣传广告的口号是“重生的图标”。 TCL是黑莓公司授权其品牌的公司之一。


BlackBerrys made up only 3% of smartphones used in Canada at end of 2017

Somewhat reluctantly, Athar Afzal finally gave up on BlackBerry earlier this year.

He was a longtime fan of the iconic Canadian phone brand, but He was ready to make the change.

Afzal said a lack of operating system updates for his Priv left him frustrated as his device just got slower and slower. And while he appreciated that the device was marketed around data security, he found the software was unreasonably sluggish.

“Every time you had to restart your BlackBerry it would take (up to) five minutes because it would go through all the security settings again. So from a functionality perspective, it would take forever, and it ended up becoming a nuisance actually,” Afzal said.

According to online measurement firm comScore, there aren’t many holdouts left in Canada still using a BlackBerry. BlackBerrys accounted for only three per cent of the smartphones used in Canada at the end of last year, says comScore.

But there are some BlackBerry loyalists who still remain faithful to the brand and hopeful for the future.

Last year, Chinese company TCL released the well-reviewed KeyOne, which had the trademark BlackBerry keyboard, and it’s set to unveil the Key2 next month. A teaser ad promotes the phone with the tagline “an icon reborn.” TCL is one of the companies BlackBerry licensed its brand to.

Makuch said he’s still open to getting another BlackBerry down the road, as long as it’s priced reasonably and not competing with a top-of-the-line iPhone.