Canada ’s war epidemic has begun. It is everyone ’s responsibility to defend the country. No one can do it alone. The Canadian Volunteers Union Association unites volunteers of all ethnicities in all provinces, cities, and provinces to take action to protect the first line of defense at the gateway to the country. The second line of defense in the community; the third line of defense for individuals; the fourth line of defense for the establishment of isolation facilities for mild patients to provide TCM treatment; and the fifth line of defense for traditional Chinese medicine to treat critically ill patients and provide protection equipment for medical staff and support hospital supplies. Don’t go out! Don’t go out! Don’t go out! Wear a mask! Wear a mask! Wear a mask! Protecting yourself is your contribution to the country, and everyone has the responsibility to defend the country.

At 9 am on April 1st, more than 100 people joined in an online video symposium on the topic of the five lines of defense that Canada should adopt to win the fight against COVID-19. Guests participated in the meeting include: Ontario MPP Vincent Ke, MPP Billy Pang’s assistant Dickson, Markham City Councilor Alan Ho, president of the Canadian Volunteer Union Association (CVUA) Su Luo, Social Watch COVID-19 Anti-epidemic Research Expert Dr. Hongye Yu, president of the Canadian Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor Guonan Xu (RTCMP), Chairman of the Chinese Medicine Administration of Ontario Guoqing Dong, Dean of the Royal College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in North America Professor Wancheng Liu, together with nationwide volunteers, leaders of various ethnic communities and news media, and many who are concerned about the pandemic in Canada.

This symposium was divided into two parts. The first part is to propose the five major plans to win Canada’s COVID-19 epidemic war by sustaining the 5 lines of defense, and the guests would comment on each. In the second part, participants put forward constructive suggestions regarding the issues.

As Canada’s war against the COVID-19 epidemic intensifies, Prime Minister Trudeau stated that countries should cooperate with each other, set aside cultural and political differences, and face the common threat of mankind together. One option is to work together with China. China can give Canada support by bringing emergency medical supplies, and have experienced Chinese medical experts to join the fight against the epidemic in Canada, the situation should be under control much quicker.面对疫情守望相助,加拿大总理特鲁多致谢中国企业阿里巴巴Back in time when Dr. Bethune went all the way to China and helped many patients, the Chinese people were grateful to Canada until this day. When the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China, Canada supported 16 tons of medical supplies and medical teams. The Canadian officials supported the Chinese community and businesses, and condemned xenophobia. 面对疫情守望相助,加拿大总理特鲁多致谢中国企业阿里巴巴

Now that the virus outbreak in Canada is inevitable, the Chinese people are also very concerned, and are sourcing supplies to donate to Canada, among those are Ma Yun of Alibaba and Bank of China donating emergency medical supplies through the Bethune Foundation, as well as numerous associations.The Canadian government should put the wellbeing of Canadians first, work with China to stop the spread of the epidemic, put aside political differences, and unite to fight together. The COVID-19 pandemic will have countries re-examining their regulations and cultures, like wearing a mask. Since it was proven in other countries that wearing a mask for all people is the simplest and most effective way to curb the spread. Because COVID-19 has no symptoms in the early stages of infection, but can be highly contagious, no one will know if they are a carrier. Therefore, wearing a mask plays an important role in protecting oneself and others. According to the Canadian culture, masks are worn when a person is sick, while in Asian culture, they wear masks to protect each other. We shouldn’t turn a medical issue into a cultural conflict, and don’t let cultural conflicts be the murderer of harmony. Resolving the COVID-19 epidemic is no longer a matter for a country or an individual. It is a global problem for all mankind, and no one can survive alone. The only solution is global citizens working together.Chinese Canadians have taken the lead with this epidemic in Canada. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, self-isolators and volunteers have provided help and guarded Canada’s first line of defense of entering Canada. With the rapid outbreak of the epidemic in North America, we issued an urgent appeal on February 12, thanking those who have recently returned from China for choosing to voluntarily isolate and provide volunteer services. In order to better coordinate the volunteers to fight against the epidemic, the nonprofit organization, Canadian Volunteer Union Association (CVUA), was officially registered on February 28. On March 1st, the Federation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organization (FTCCO), hosted a press conference with CVUA to appeal to defend Canada’s first line of defense. On March 14th, the FTCCO hosted a video press conference with CVUA for appealing the nation’s defense against the epidemic, guarding Canada’s first line of defense of entrance, the second line of defense in the community, and third line defense with individuals. On March 19, with the Liaoning General Chamber of Commerce in Canada, CVUA co-organized a video conference to initiate isolation facilities and use of traditional Chinese medicine for treating mild patients, protecting and providing medical supplies to the frontline medical staff. Canadian Chinese and mainland Chinese people coordinated in donating medical supplies to support the frontline battle.To effectively stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus quickly and win the fight against the epidemic in Canada, there are 5 schemes which are the most economical for the country that would let people get back on track soon.The five lines of defense to control the epidemic are: defending the gateway to Canada, in the Canadian community, individuals, patients with mild symptoms in isolation facilities for traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and the safety of medical staff and securing hospital medical supplies and enabling treatment.Presently, the focus is to be able to test everything, detect early and treat early, and establish isolation facilities for patients with mild symptoms (application for construction approval or requisition of Scout campsites, to set up in accordance with applicable regulations) to apply traditional Chinese medicine to treat patients with mild symptoms and prevent the development into more severe cases.

  1. Defending the gateway to Canada

Restrict people coming from overseas. Strictly enforce the 14-day quarantine for visitors from foreign countries. This is very important to control the source of the incoming virus spread. The airport passageway for travelers entering the country must be disinfected every 4 hours. Security and service personnel must wear N95 masks, goggles and medical gloves, even protective suits if possible. All travelers must also wear medical masks, goggles and gloves. They must register their place of quarantine, have designated vehicles transfer them to their residence, or register the license plate of their own pick-up arrangement. The driver must also wear N95 masks, goggles and medical gloves, and the self-isolator must stay isolated for 14 days. There should be follow-up calls, and violators should be severely punished.Regarding the first line of defense to protect the country’s gateway, MPP Vincent Ke expressed regret that the first line of defense was not strictly imposed in the early days and more effective measures should be implemented to block the influx from source. With security staff infected, he urged everyone to uphold Canada’s first line of defense and take effective measures to prevent and control at the source.2.The line of defense in Canadian communities

Home isolation of 14 days should be implemented across the nation and curb the travelling between provinces and cities, essential travel should require a travel pass from a government office. Food supply, online purchases, shipping and distribution must be maintained. Workers should need travel passes, and must be equipped with protective equipment like masks, goggles, and medical gloves. Even with the first two lines of defenses in place, the other three lines of defense need to be executed. With many people at home right now, it seems like the virus is somewhat under control, but once people return to work, there could be a large number of increase in the virus spread. People of all ethnicities should cooperate with the government, and unite to fight the pandemic.Regarding the second line of defense in communities, MPP Vincent Ke stated that the provincial government has taken measures to ban parties of more than 5 non-family people gathering, in parks, and public places. Also asking everyone to stay at home and reduce the spreading of the virus. The community needs to cooperate with the government and comply with the implemented rules.

3.The third line of defense for individuals was proposed by social monitor and COVID-19 anti-epidemic research expert Dr. Hongye Yu connected online in China:

“The third line of defense is actually very, very critical! I am now in Suzhou, China and I have been in close contact with patients in Wuhan. Therefore, I know very well the lessons and experiences of preventing and controlling the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China and cities outside Wuhan.

The first key is: Don’t go out! Do not go out, is the best choice for personal protection and epidemic prevention! Everyone is unaccustomed to 14 days of home isolation, but only in this way can we find out who is infected. Family shopping is best done online. If you have to go out, you must wear a mask and wash your hands carefully at home.

Social support and mutual assistance at this stage are very important:

  1. Online food purchase and contactless delivery must be guaranteed;
  2. With more work done online, courier delivery must be enabled;
  3. Professionals who are knowledgeable of the prevention of infectious diseases should compose information for sharing, volunteers can translate materials to Chinese, such as home-made preventive masks, the first 21 days when coronavirus enters the human body, Shanghai Zhang Wenhong’s prevention manual for citizens, nutrition meals, home exercise, keeping internal warm and expelling cold and dampness from the body are key points to prevent infection, mental counseling, as well as the knowledge of epidemic prevention.
  4. Use mobile phone SMS notifications to constantly warn people to not go out and don’t let yourself be the source of transmission that infects others. This is the social responsibility everyone should now bear, and also openly and transparently tell people the reasons for each step of the government’s decision.The second key word of this one: detection! Detect! Repeat testing! This is what the World Health Organization emphasizes the most now.

The most important of all measures is controlling the source of transmission. If there is no source of the virus outside, then others can work and roam freely. At this time, it is critical to prevent close contacts of infected persons and strictly isolate them at home. Specific approach: It is recommended that medical staff work with government officials to lead the team and volunteers to conduct investigations (all staff must wear N95 masks, goggles, and medical gloves). Do everything possible to detect the infected person and strictly isolate them, and do everything possible to detect the close contacts of the infected person, to prevent the source of the infection from spreading in circulation. Otherwise, with the overlapping of the 14 days cycle, the virus will loop nonstop.

We should take the initiative to test as many people with symptoms as possible. The current practice of setting a threshold for detection is not conducive to epidemic control. Wuhan, China, initially had insufficient detection. Now, there are many IGg IGM test kits in the market that can quickly test within 10 minutes. Only when there are enough test kits for the symptomatic person to test, and keep them at home for the 14 days for controlling the epidemic. As long as the source of the transmission is strictly controlled, people can gradually resume work after 14 days.

(Note: If this is not strictly done, everything else is futile, and the government will not be able to protect the people no matter how much money is paid! As soon as you go back to work, the virus will spread again. You can only wait until the virus naturally weakens in summer, but Canada Summer is not hot in most areas, so it is still a question mark when the virus will weaken.

No country can afford to stay indoors and work from home for a long period of time. In China, except in Wuhan, the state has imposed a 14-day home isolation. Most of us have only stayed at home for 14 days before going to work. However, during this 14-day period, civil servants did a lot of community investigations to check out infected people and their close contacts. Therefore, it can be said that the vast majority of China controlled the epidemic for only 14 days. The key lies in the fact that the measures at the beginning decisively grasped the focus of “controlling the source of the epidemic”. Only Wuhan in China lasted for three months. In my opinion, as far as Canada is concerned, as long as it takes the initiative to strictly detect and control the source of transmission, rather than just passively “social distancing”, “mild patients staying home for self-healing”. Even in key areas like Quebec, Ontario, BC, and Alberta, only two 14-day cycles are required to stop the spread, and other low impact areas can actively control the epidemic as long as they uphold a 14-day cycle. This is the most economical approach towards curbing the spread. Then, similar measures as China’s current “Green City Code” can be adopted. Mobility between cities should be limited according to the severity of the epidemic, restriction should be in place until the epidemic is completely controlled across the country.

If this can’t be applied to the entire country, then start locally first, but it is necessary to strictly prevent the infected people of other provinces from entering and a strict 14-day quarantine system for visitors. China also adopted measures that were implemented in the region first, and then implementing them nationwide. Regarding the third line of defense to protect the individual, Ontario MPP Vincent Ke said that on the issue of intensive testing, Ontario is currently arranging for its implementation, and for testing to be proactive requires further coordination of supplies and manpower.

4.The fourth line of defense to protect patients with mild infection is to establish isolation facilities to provide traditional Chinese medical treatment, was also explained by Dr. Ye.

The best control method: Establish isolation facilities for patients with mild conditions, which can more effectively block community transmission and family transmission, and provide traditional Chinese medicine treatment, since most people do not know how to professionally isolate from their families, and some families may not provide such conditions. The provision of isolation facilities by the government can effectively prevent transmission within the family. Facts have proven that intra-family transmission is one of the major channels of transmission. Often, one person in a family is infected first, and then transmitted to other family members, and all may end up dead. In Europe and the United States, there have also been many family-wide infections, with several deaths in one family.

In the absence of Western medicine, enabling local Chinese medicine is also very important. At present, Chinese medical doctors in various provinces and cities across the country are actively asking to join the fight against COVID-19. The government’s request for the closing of the Chinese clinics has caused fear for the Chinese familiar with using traditional medicine. Common sickness can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, the treatment of COVID-19 mild and severe patients by Chinese medicine has achieved significant results. In the beginning, it was hard to keep the virus under control with western medicine, but two weeks after the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, the spread of the virus was basically controlled. Practice in China has proven that: Intervention and treatment of Chinese medicine can stop all mild cases from turning into severe cases, which can greatly reduce the pressure on hospitals. Moreover, using traditional Chinese medicine requires less equipment (use of medical resources) than being hospitalized, which is much cheaper and more convenient, and medication can be taken at home. We should not crowd the hospitals, but for patients who have been infected, there is also a mental factor. If the diagnosis has been made and no active intervention treatment is given, many patients may panic, affecting their health condition, weakening immunity, and increasing the chance of turning into severe cases.

I know that a lot of people with the concept of killing the virus can’t understand how Chinese medicine can effectively treat the coronavirus. It isn’t hard to understand that all viruses must have an environment for survival. If there is no living environment, they will soon die off. Chinese doctors in China have found that the coronavirus likes to live in cold and damp environments. As long as the endogenous environment of such people is changed, the virus will not grow rapidly, and mild cases will not turn into severe cases. The disease caused by the coronavirus was called “the plague” in ancient China. The ancient Chinese diagnosis concluded that this type of virus likes to live in bodies that are cold and damp, and mainly attacks the patients’ lungs. This time, Wuhan, China successfully treated a lot of early-stage patients. The treatment with traditional Chinese medicine is to treat the cold, damp environment in the patient’s body with traditional Chinese medicine, and the medicine used also protects the lungs, totally preventing the patients from having mild illness turning into severe cases. However, even with the right treatment, it must be administered in the early stage, otherwise it will become complicated because the patient’s system might overreact, which will harm other organs, making it more difficult to treat at that stage. Therefore, it is necessary to detect and treat early.

There is another important point: in order to ensure medical resources are properly managed, patients should be treated separately:

1.Severe status: Hospitalized, the hospital only accepts severe patients.

2.Mild diagnosis: Isolation at a quarantine facility or at home with professional guidance, and apply Chinese medicine treatment.

3.People with cold symptoms, diarrhea, headache, cough, sore throat and other suspicious symptoms, provide timely online consultation and treatment (open online Chinese and western medical consultation).

4.High-risk and susceptible people, such as: healthcare workers at risk of contact with infected people, essential workers, susceptible people (ie, cold and humid, usually afraid of cold or weak, and skin is prone to acne, prone to allergies, people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia). Chinese medical practitioners can formulate medicines according to the Canadian climate for prevention purposes, in the form of a drink, and distributed in tea bags.Regarding patients with mild cases and suspected cases, establishment of an isolation facility will provide the fourth line of defense, to be coupled with TCM treatment. MPP Vincent Ke said that the provincial government is considering the establishment of isolation facilities for patients. Being a Canadian Chinese, who is used to turning to traditional Chinese medical treatment for minor illnesses. The issue of using TCM treatment is regulated by the Ministry of Health. When western medical treatments fail to cure patients with mild cases and suspected cases, traditional Chinese medical treatment can bring comfort to improve the patient’s immunity. He appreciated the initiative of Su Luo, the president of CVUA, for offering a 29.7 acre land as a temporary site for the establishment of a quarantine facility, as well as a member of the Canada Liaoning Chamber of Commerce, for the design and build of the facility with light steel structure. He would put this proposal forward in motion.5.The fifth line of defense is medical staffs’ safety protection and medical supplies for hospitals, and using traditional Chinese medicine for treatment.

All medical staff must have personal protective equipment in accordance with their respective line of work such as medical masks, goggles, gloves, protective clothing, and the secluded area of patients with severe illness should have disinfection areas prior to entry.

The hospital must separate the general patient wards from the Covid-19 assessment area, consultation area, treatment area, and intensive patient wards. Since asymptomatic patients are hard to detect, it is crucial for everyone entering the hospitals to wear masks, so as not to transmit to others, regular patients’ wards must be separated from the Covid-19 treatment areas. Chinese traditional medicine experts can be on site to treat severely ill patients, as it was proven that traditional Chinese medical doctors have been effective in treating critically ill patients and reducing deaths in China. All patients admitted to the hospital must wear medical masks, goggles, and medical gloves.Currently, hospital administrators only provide very limited protective supplies to medical staff. For some reason, medical supplies donated by the Chinese community seemed to be inaccessible by the staff in need. The frontline staff face the danger of being infected every day and we must protect them, otherwise, they cannot treat patients and hospitals will be paralyzed with patient overload. Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be ensured for all staff in order to fight this epidemic war. The United States is now in such a crisis and a lesson to learn from. Canada can work with China to obtain medical supplies. At this time we are capable of winning the epidemic war and restoring Canada to a healthy country.In response, MPP Vincent Ke stated that he would relay this proposal to the minister of Health and the hospital administrators. He would also help coordinate donations to the frontline staff.Professor Xu Guonan, a TCM expert and chairman of the Canadian Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, expounded the importance of using Chinese medicine for treatment with the data reported on combating the epidemic with Chinese medicine in Wuhan, China.

The results of the team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academician Kobayashi showed that none of the mild patients with traditional Chinese medicines worsened, and the mortality rate of severe / critically ill patients was reduced by more than 80%.

A total of 721 patients were analyzed. There were 430 cases in the treatment group and 291 cases in the control group. The results showed that the rate of exacerbation of Covid-19 was 0 in the treatment group (0%) and 19 in the control group (6.5%). The difference was statistically significant. The average age of the patients was 48.5 + 14.4 years, and the median age was 48 years. The number of cases with combined underlying diseases was 334, accounting for 46.3%. . The number of cases in which Chinese medicine was used in combination was 452, accounting for 62.7%. Studies have shown that the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine in the community has a protective effect on controlling the exacerbation of coronavirus.

A total of 1,476 coronavirus patients were admitted to Wuhan Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. There were 662 cases of severe / critical illness coronavirus (484 cases in the Chinese medicine decoction group and 178 cases in the non-Chinese medicine group). A total of 71 patients died. Among them, 15 patients died in the traditional Chinese medicine decoction group and 56 patients died in the non-Chinese medicine group. Statistics showed that the mortality rate of traditional Chinese medicine decoction was 87.7%, which was statistically significant compared with the group without Chinese medicine decoction.

Chinese medicine has a significant clinical effect on the treatment of febrile diseases (infectious diseases). China’s epidemic fight has achieved remarkable success in just two months, and Chinese medicine has played a key role. Hence, the Ministry of Health can consider allowing Chinese medicine to be used in the prevention of coronavirus. Chinese medicine practitioners are willing to participate in the fight against the epidemic, hoping to achieve good results. Resumption of work and free travel can be implemented in accordance to the situation. This has to be cautious. Because there are always infected persons who have not accounted for, so after the first 14 days, approve 1/3 of people may go back to work according to the level of importance, and disinfect these companies and public places that are first to operate. Keep a distance of more than 2 meters between people and continue wearing masks. On the second 14 days’ cycle, another 1/3 people will resume work. By the third 14 days, all work, study and life should return to normal.

As the homeland of Dr. Norman Bethune, Canada has always had a deep friendship with the Chinese people. At that time, Dr. Norman Bethune dedicated his precious life to helping the Chinese people during the most difficult time of China’s history. Today, as Chinese living in Bethune’s homeland of Canada, we also hope to contribute to Canada’s battle against the coronavirus epidemic and write a new chapter for the friendship between the peoples of Canada and China.

After the announcement of the five lines of defense, online participants actively made suggestions.

Professor Liu Wancheng, Dean of the Royal College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in North America, stressed the importance of anti-epidemic treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, as traditional Chinese medicine provides treatment in accordance with the degree of severity of the patient. Patients are divided into three levels: mild, medium and severe. The world knows that China’s success in fighting the epidemic was due to the intervention of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine in fighting the epidemic. Chinese traditional medicine has been used for thousands of years, countless times fighting against the epidemic, like SARS, that also succeeded with the use of traditional Chinese medicine.

In 2020, the federally funded COVID-19 Chinese Community Research Project 2020 under Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the core scholar of the Project and a professor of sociology, Zhang Weiguo commented:

Not long ago, the Canadian government invested special research funds to learn more about the coronavirus and to research and develop countermeasures against it. This time the Canadian government provided funding to scientific researchers through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other organisations. Scholars from three Canadian universities have received special funding from CIHR, and will soon conduct COVID-19-related epidemiological and social science research projects among Canadians in Canada (especially in the Greater Toronto Area). The group’s core scholars include: Dr. Wang Peizhong (Project chair), Dr. Yang Lixia (Project Co-chair), Dr. Zhang Weiguo, and Dr. Wei Xiaolin.

The specific content includes three aspects. First, learn about the current knowledge and preparedness of the Canadian community on the coronavirus through conducting a survey. Secondly, review the associations and use of WeChat groups by the Chinese communities to coordinate the self-isolation support services, to be in collaboration with other Chinese communities and recommending this model of epidemic control to relevant departments and other non-Chinese communities. Thirdly, assess the psychological impact of the outbreak on Chinese. These three research topics are closely related to the Canadian Chinese’s fight against the coronavirus. The project will focus on summing up existing successful experiences to help the Canadian government and other ethnic communities to fight the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, the research team hopes to have the extensive participation of the Canadian Chinese community. In particular, the second research topic needs the cooperation and support of relevant volunteer service groups and WeChat groups.Sophia Li, a volunteer in a nursing home commented:

  1. We urge the Minister of Health to upgrade their prevention levels and protect frontline medical staff in hospitals.
  2. The provincial government should set up a working team to screen for mild cases and establish isolation facilities.
  3. Medical staff should live in separate residences, away from their families, to avoid community transmission.
  4. Is the specialty hospital for treating Covid-19 patients under construction?
  5. Coronavirus is spreading in tropical countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam, so we must not take the chance that it will fade out in the summer, and the average summer temperature in Canada is around 27 to 30 degrees, not even close to those tropical countries. Everyone to dance with the wolf!Martin Ma, a GTA volunteer who has been working to protect Canada ’s first line of defense, said that the volunteers who guard Canada’s five lines of defense are in action, but the results have been very limited, the Chinese community has done a lot, but we need the cooperation with other ethnic communities as well. I have participated in the appeal before, took the time to prevent the spread within the community, and also tried to prevent some large-scale activities, but failed to prevent more activities taking place, so the community outbreaks are inevitable. If effective measures are not taken immediately to protect the five lines of defense, Canada will be in deep trouble.Li Guanglei, the head of the Canadian Chinese Volunteer Service Center, said that volunteer services range from self-isolation to collecting medical supplies to support the front line workers. Volunteer services need more people to join in to fight against the epidemic.Another professional stated that they are setting up online classes to provide tutoring to students at home.The symposium discussion was very active. One of the most important conclusions was to ask Prime Minister Trudeau to contact Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss cooperation to fight the epidemic.Emily Law volunteered for the English interpretation service at the symposium.

After the symposium, some people who were enthusiastic about fighting the epidemic contacted the Canadian Volunteers Union Association for advice and eager to participate in the volunteer team. Among them, the doctor of virology from PEI province shared his letter of advice on epidemic prevention in PEI province, hoping that it would be helpful for other provinces in Canada.

《Suggestions for urgent action to be taken to fight against coronavirus on the island》

Dear Dr. Morrison and Premier King,

As a scientist in virology for many years in Canada, I would like to express my deep concern for the current increasing number of coronavirus cases on the island. Every day I watch updated news and islanders’ conducts and ponder the possible pandemic spread in PEI. I believe the outbreak would occur very soon if no stronger and compulsory measurements are to be enforced for all islanders and businesses. This is a predication and judgement based on my molecular virology research expertise and experience after I earned my Ph. D degree in virology in 1997.  Therefore, I would like to address the following measurements to be taken immediately to prevent the virus spread on the whole island as follows:

  1. All companies and businesses should be closed except for essential ones.
  2. All tourism business such as cottages should be shut down to prevent out of the province tourists from coming this summer. Tourism PEI should immediately execute the restriction right now.
  3. All travelers from other provinces and countries should be stopped. For some essential visitors, they must be isolated regardless of their health conditions and monitored by an official department.
  4. The Confederation Bridge should be closed for all travelers except some essential ones. For incomers, they should be electronically tracked for isolation.
  5. Any group activity of more than 2 people should be prohibited. No groups of people are allowed to gather anywhere in the public area.
  6. Public transportation should be halted.
  7. Travelers incoming by air should be enforced to isolate for 14 days and tracked.
  8. Emergency Act for the PEI should be enacted immediately.
  9. Policies and regulations for people should be enforced, such as wearing masks, hand washing, staying home etc.

I understand that it is hard to put all of these into practice, but the time to take action is now.  Currently, travelers are the sole source for virus spread on the island. We should make full use of PEI as a natural isolated island to prevent the virus from spreading quickly. Many tourists are arriving in PEI now and it was predicted that a million will arrive in the summer. If we do not prevent them from pouring in, PEI will become a disastrous outbreak in Canada. The outcome will be out of control. Current priority is to prevent pandemic virus spread rather than to maintain the economy and businesses, survival of mankind is more important than developing and boosting the economy on the island.

I hope you can convey my suggestions to the Premier to take action immediately and not postpone until tomorrow. As time and tide waits for no man! Virus spreads in mere seconds! We should be able to learn the lesson from Italy, Spain, and other countries, and learn the very helpful experience from China. We should understand the USA is trending toward out of control of the pandemic like a puma at large, and we should avoid being dragged down with them.

“Time is sliding away, let us act quickly today!”

Thank you very much for consideration and action!


Gen Wang, PhDAfter the conference, Mr. Xu Honglou of the Canada Liaoning Chamber of Commerce (CLCC) announced that Global Green Steel Group, a subsidiary of the CLCC, is ready to build a quarantine facility, and provided a complete plan for scientific and technological innovation and construction. That’s the Canadian equivalent of China’s Cabin Hospital in Wuhan. Su Luo, president of the Canadian Volunteers Union Association, is willing to provide 29.7Acer land to build a temporary isolation facility, both hope that the government can quickly approve them. MP Han Dong and MPP Vincent Ke are actively helping to apply for approval.

Defending Canada Against the COVID-19 pandemic by Guarding the Five Lines of Defense with 5 Proposed Action Plans by Experts Video Symposium was actively discussed by participants, and valuable suggestions and videos have been compiled and submitted to Senator Victor Oh, MP Mary Ng, Jean Yip, Shaun Chen, Han Dong, Ali Ehsassi, Majid Jowhari, Bob Saroya, Ontario MPP Vincent Ke, Billy Pang, Aris Babikian, Markham City Councillor Alan Ho, Amanda Yeung Collucci, Isa Lee, Richmond Hill City Councillor Godwin Chan, Vaughan City Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco, Toronto City Councillor Jim Karygiannis, and other provincial and municipal officials submitted by volunteers across Canada. Although we couldn’t meet face-to-face for this symposium, we were connected online and hearts are united. I hope that the relevant government departments can hear the voices and cries of the people and take effective measures. In order to guard Canada, please work with China to fight the epidemic together and achieve historic victory as soon as possible.

Defending Canada Against the COVID-19 pandemic by Guarding the Five Lines of Defense with 5 Proposed Action Plans by Experts Video Symposium was hosted by the Canadian Volunteer Union Association, Co-organized by the Coffee and Tea Club of the Canada and China International Business Newspaper, Canadian  Chinese Volunteer Service Center, Canadian Catering & Gourmet Cultural Exchange Association, Canadian Multicultural Art Exchange Association, Canadian Youth Entrepreneur & Investment Exchange Association.

Defending Canada Against the COVID-19 pandemic by Guarding the Five Lines of Defense with 5 Proposed Action Plans was composed by Su Luo, president of the CVUA, Canada and China International Business, COVID-19 expert on social observation and anti-epidemic, Dr. Yu Hongye, president of the Canadian Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (RTCMP) Professor Xu Guonan, Dean of North American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Liu Wancheng, English translation by Emily Law,Betty Li,Josie Yang.

Canada ’s war epidemic has begun. It is everyone ’s responsibility to defend the country. No one can do it alone. The Canadian Volunteers Union Association unites volunteers of all ethnicities in all provinces, cities, and provinces to take action to protect the first line of defense at the gateway to the country. The second line of defense in the community; the third line of defense for individuals; the fourth line of defense for the establishment of isolation facilities for mild patients to provide TCM treatment; and the fifth line of defense for traditional Chinese medicine to treat critically ill patients and provide protection equipment for medical staff and support hospital supplies. Don’t go out! Don’t go out! Don’t go out! Wear a mask! Wear a mask! Wear a mask! Protecting yourself is your contribution to the country, and everyone has the responsibility to defend the country.






加拿大政府为了加拿大人民考虑,和中国合作,为了人民的生命健康,阻断疫情的发展,抛开所有的政治分歧,文化冲突,先医病救人,阻断疫情,联合抗疫,COVID-19大流行病会让各个国家重新审视,甚至有些文化也会面临重新审视,譬如说戴口罩抗疫,事实证明全民戴口罩是最简单有效的方法。加拿大文化是有病才戴口罩,而亚洲文化是保护自己和他人才戴口罩,不要把一个医学问题上升到文化问题,别让文化冲突成为杀手。解决COVID-19疫情,这已经不是某一个国家,某一个人的事了,是全球人的事情,谁也无法独善其身。加拿大提倡的国际人道主义和多元文化和谐发展会成为主流旋律,携各国家各族裔联合抗疫,团结互助才能打赢人类共同的敌人,任何分裂的声音只会阻止不利加拿大抗疫,中国和加拿大一起并肩战斗必胜!在这次加拿大战疫中加拿大华人已是冲锋到第一线,在中国武汉暴发COVID-19以来,从中国来的自主隔离者和志愿者们提供帮助,默默地守护加拿大国门第一道防线。随着疫情在北美的快速扩撒,我们2月12日发出紧急呼吁书,感谢近期回国的人员选择自主隔离和提供志愿者服务。为了更好的协调全国的志愿者们联合抗疫,2月28日加拿大志愿者联合协会非营利机构正式获批于加拿大政府。3月1日邀请多伦多华人团体联合总会主办,加拿大志愿者联合协会协办了保加卫国,守护加拿大国门第一道防线紧急呼吁新闻发布会。3月14日邀请多伦多华人团体联合总会主办,加拿大志愿者联合协会协办了保加卫国各族裔联合抗疫,守护加拿大国门第一道防线,守护社区第二道防线,守护个人第三道防线视频连线新闻发布会。3月19号邀请加拿大辽宁总商会主办,加拿大志愿者协会协办了保加卫国为轻症患者筹集隔离营和中医抗疫救治,支援医护人员安全防护和医院紧急医疗物资奔赴前线呼吁视频连线新闻发布会。当得知前线医院医护人员求助医疗紧急物资告急时,华人华侨又投身到捐赠医疗物资支援前线战斗中。我们华人深爱着加拿大,这是我们生活的家园,加拿大华人一直在和加拿大同呼吸,共命运,感同身受 。加拿大华人华侨打完中国战疫上半场同时在迎战加拿大抗疫下半场。


(S)第一条 守护加拿大国门第一道防线

严格阻断境外病例输入。严格执行境外来人14天隔离制度。非常重要!也是为了控制源头。政府目前已做出规定。入境人员机场通道必须每4小时消毒,安检人员和机场服务人员必须佩戴N95口罩,护目镜和医用手套,有防护服配备更好。所有入境者也必须佩戴医用口罩,护目镜和医用手套。所有入境人员必须登记隔离居住地,专车接送他们至隔离居所,或登记他们自主接送的车牌,车接送者必须佩戴N95口罩,护目镜和医用手套和入境自主隔离者必须自主隔离14天,做到有跟踪可查,违反者将会受到严厉的处罚。对于第一条守护国门第一道防线,安省议员柯文彬表示非常遗憾第一道防线没有防住,需要采取更有效的措施进行阻断。安检人员有感染敦促大家必须守好加拿大国门第一道防线,现在面临撤侨的巨大压力,在源头上防控采取措施尤为重要 。第二条 守护加拿大社区第二道防线

全国上下统一放假第一个14天(一定要全国统一行动),号召人们不出门。阻断各省市旅游出行,必要出行需要区议员或政府管理部门签发通行证。必须保证食品供应和网购维护和配送的人(他们也需要有通行证和必配防护用品医用口罩 护目镜 医用手套 ),这些人做好严格自我防护和消毒。现在,这一条已经开始做了,但是没有严格做好以下的第三条,现在放假效果不大,因为没有做好充分准备,一上班病毒又会扩散。联合各族裔议员,社团,媒体,志愿者提供信息分享和安抚各族裔民众配合政府工作,大家团结一致共同抗疫。第二条 守护加拿大社区第二道防线,安省省议员柯文彬说,政府已经采取了有利措施,不允许聚会 ,公园,公共场所不可以进入聚集。要求大家待在家里,减少病毒的侵入感染。需要社区配合做好宣传工作,让民众配合政府遵守规则,减少传染风险。

第三条 守护个人第三道防线,由远在中国的社会观察研究博士余红叶进行阐述。








应该主动尽可能给予有症状的人检测,现在设置检测门槛的做法完全不利于疫情控制。中国武汉当初是检测试剂条不够没有办法。现在市场上已经有很多款10分钟之内就可以快速检测,甚至人们可以在家庭自我检查的IGg IGM快速检测试剂条。只有有足够多的检测试剂条给有症状的人检测后,开始计算的14天人们居家天数才有控制疫情的重要意义。只要严格控制传播源头了,那14天后人们就可以逐步恢复工作了。



如果,整个国家做不到,那某个地区能先行做到,但是要严防其他省份感染者输入,严格来访者14天隔离制度,那对全国也有好的示范效应。例如:中国也是很多措施,是地区上先实行,中央认为好,才全国推行。比如:连当初休假14天,也是我们苏州市率先提出7天春节放假后再加7天假(一共14天),然后其他省才跟上的,也不是中央一开始就想到14天休假的制度的。对于第三条 守护个人第三道防线,安省省议员柯文彬说关于检测问题,目前安省已经在安排,等待检测变为主动检测还需要进一步的物资和人员的协调。









4、高危易感人群,如:有接触感染者风险的医护 、 社区工作人员 、目前必须在超市工作人员等、易感人群(即寒湿重,平时怕冷或身体虚弱,皮肤容易长痘痘或者容易各种过敏,有三高基础病的,等等这类人):主动请水平高的正规中医师结合加拿大的气候特点,拟定适合加拿大人当作茶饮的预防方案,茶包发放,需要者自取,不强制但应该号召这类人预防。(S)第四条守护轻症患者和疑似病例筹建隔离营提供中医救治第四道防线,安省省议员柯文彬说为轻症患者和疑似病例设立隔离营的事情,政府已有考量,作为一个华人议员,平时有点小毛病也是进行中医保健医治,这需要向卫生厅建议,在没有办法对轻症患者和疑似病例进行西医救治的情况下,采取中医治疗是能够发挥安抚提高病人免疫力的作用。也感谢加拿大志愿者联合协会会长罗素提供29.7Acer的地作为临时筹建地和加拿大辽宁总商会会员单位新型创新轻钢建筑10天内搭建隔离营的事情表示感谢,也表示会进一步推动和落实。第五条守护医护人员安全防护和医院急救物资,邀请中医救治支援前线第五道防线。








加拿大作为国际共产主义战士白求恩的故乡,一直对中国人民怀有深厚的情谊。当年白求恩医生在中国人民抗战的最艰难时刻把宝贵的生命献给了中国人民的解放事业。今天,作为生活在白求恩故乡加拿大的华裔,我们也希望在加拿大这场抗击新型冠状肺炎疫情的战役中出力, 为加中两国人民之间的情谊续写新的篇章。



2020加拿大联邦资助COVID-19华人社区研究项目2020 CIHR COVID-19 Chinese Community Research Project,团队核心学者,多大社会学教授张卫国介绍说,


具体内容包括三个方面,一、通过问卷调查了解目前加拿大华人社区就新冠病毒流行方面的知识掌握情况、对预防疫情的准备情况等相关内容,二、研究目前在加拿大华人中通过团体及微信群开展的自愿隔离及互助服务,以期同其它华人社区相关团体合作,一起向相关部门及其它非华裔社区推荐这一控制疫情的模式。三、从心理学角度评估新冠病毒爆发流行对华人造成的影响。这三个研究内容与加拿大华裔抗击新冠密切相关,项目将着重总结现有成功经验,帮助加拿大政府及其它族裔社区抗击新冠病毒疫情。因此研究团队希望得到加拿大华人社区的广泛参与。特别是第二项研究内容,需要与目前正在提供相关志愿者服务团体、微信群合作并得到支持。一位在养老院做看护工作同时又是志愿者的Sophia Li发言:

1.恳请省卫生厅敦促各医院提升防预级别, 保护一线医护人员。2.省府成立工作团队, 筛选轻症, 建立隔离营 3.医护人员居住在单独的住所,与家人分开,切断社区感染。4. 第四方舱医院是否在建设当中?5. 第五新冠肺炎在菲律宾和越南等天气了热的国家也在传播着,不能有侥幸的心理:到了夏天病毒会见消失,因为加拿大的夏天平均气温27,30度的时间很多。不是很热。大家准备与狼共舞!一直奔赴保护加拿大第一道防线的GTA志愿者Martin Ma说,守护加拿大5道防线志愿者们都有在行动,但是收效甚微,华人社区做好了,但是其他族裔不联合抗疫也是没用的,之前也参与呼吁,抓紧时间防范社区传播,也通过努力阻止了一些大型活动,但是还是没能阻止更多的活动,社区暴发已不可避免。如果不能立刻采取有效措施来保护5道防线的话,加拿大就会陷入困境中。



大家在会议中字幕讨论非常热闹,总结一条最重要的就是请加拿大总理给中国国家主席习进平打个电话要求合作抗疫。Emily Law提供了整场英文翻译志愿服务


尊敬的 Morrison 博士和 省长King 先生:

作为一位在加拿大从事病毒学研究几十年的科学家,我想对目前已经发现新冠病毒不断在王子岛发生的情况给予深深忧虑。每一天我都在观看你发布的新闻更新,也在观察岛民的一些行为,我为目前的病毒近在眼前的瘟疫很可能马上就要大爆发和扩散也在深深地思考着。我相信,如果不对目前岛上旅行者和工厂公司的操作进行性强制性管理措施,这个瘟疫将很快就在全岛大流行。这样的判断和预测是根据我自1997年获得分子病毒学博士学位之后的专业训练和多年的研究工作经验的基础上这样说的。现在  我想提出并强调一下九条特别措施以阻止病毒在全岛的迅速扩散,要点如下:





  1. 除必须的货车,联邦大桥应立即关掉,不许旅行者进入。对于已经进来者 电子跟踪隔离。不要指望自我隔离的自觉措施。

5.严谨两人以上的集体活动,公共场所 一律禁止任何人集会活动。





我理解我这些建议很难执行有很多原因 ,但是现在已经到了应该采取行动的时候了。目前旅行是病毒进入王子岛的唯一传染源,我们应该充分利用王子岛这个得天独厚的天然隔离条件,以阻止夏天到来病毒的迅速扩散。许多外来的游客已经到达了王子岛了,但无人问津。可以预测,今年夏季会有1百万游客进来,如果不能有效阻止,王子岛将是加拿大新冠病毒的发生最为灾难的地区,局势将会失控。目前的优先考虑是如何阻止病毒瘟疫的大发生,而不是考虑经济的发展和生意 ,我们需要优先考虑的是人类如何生存  而不是经济如何发展。

我希望你们能把我的这些建议转达给省长,并且是要采取行动在今天而不是明天。“时不待我哪”(TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NO MAN!)。病毒繁殖和扩散是秒速!我们有能力从意大利,西班牙,法国和其它国家学到一些教训,我们也应该从中国学会一些有用的经验。”城门失火,殃及池鱼”,我们应该明白我们的邻居的美国病毒已经出现失控的局势,就像一只脱缰的烈马或者一只逃出园逍遥法外的的美洲狮。



王根 博士

会后加拿大辽宁总商会徐宏楼先生说商会下属单位环球绿色钢铁集团时刻准备着建设隔离营,并提供了一套科技创新建设完备的方案。那就是加拿大标准方舱医院。 加拿大志愿者联合协会会长罗素愿意临时提供29.7Acer地用来筹集临时隔离营。


打赢加拿大COVID-19战疫守护五道防线五大方案高层专家连线视频研讨会经过大家广泛热议.并整理出有价值的建议和视频,提交给联邦参议员胡子修 联邦国会议员葉嘉丽,陈圣源,董晗鹏, 伊朗裔列治文山联邦国会议员马万里, Majid Jowhari ,印度裔万锦渔人村国会议员BOB SAROYA安省省议员柯文斌,彭锦威,白必勤,多伦多市议员詹嘉礼,万锦市议员胡何景,楊綺清,李思韵,列志文山市议员陈志辉,旺市市议员楊士渟以及由各省市志愿者提交给全国各省市议员办公室,这次研讨会虽然不能亲身面对面,但是通过视频连接,心是联结在一起的,希望政府有关部门能够听到民众的声音和呐喊,采取有效措施,为了守卫加拿大,邀请和中国一起共同抗疫,尽快取得历史性胜利。