产品合作副总裁Ime Archibong表示,如果发现任何证据表明暂停的应用程序或其他应用程序滥用了数据,它们将会遭到禁用。可能被曝光的用户将会收到通知,例如剑桥Analytica案件发生时的情况。

Facebook suspends about 200 apps that may have misused data
Facebook is suspending about 200 apps that it believes may have misused data.
The social media giant said in a blog post Monday that the suspensions resulted from its investigation into all apps that had access to large amounts of information before Facebook changed its platform policies in 2014. Those changes, according to Facebook, significantly reduced the amount of data that apps could access.
Ime Archibong, vice-president of product partnerships, says that if any evidence is found that the suspended apps or other apps have misused data, they will be banned. Users that may have been exposed will be notified, as was the case when the Cambridge Analytica case broke.
The company says that it has canvassed thousands of apps so far.